Equifax Customer Service

Equifax is one of the major credit bureaus in the United States. The other two are Trans Union and Experian. Like the other 2 credit bureaus, they provide credit reporting services and collect credit information for consumers, which they sell to businesses for solicitation and other services. They also sell services directly to consumers, like credit report and credit monitoring services. This includes the Equifax complete family plan, Complete Advantage Plan, Complete Premier plan, Essential Credit Monitoring and Identity Protection, Score Watch and the 3-in-1 credit report. With all these service, customer service must be really important to delivering these services to their customers. 

Equifax could make reaching customer service easier for their customers by readily displaying this information on their website, rather than having you login to get this information. Customers do not have to jump through several hoops in order to contact customer service live person and speak to a human. One could look to services like Zappos, that are not afraid to hear from their users. Actually, Zappos wants you to call them because they want to take every opportunity they can get to make a good impression on you and get you to buy from them. We think that the credit reporting agencies will benefit from this level of customer support and build lasting relationships with their customer base rather than hiding behind login and registering to provide support.

People who have questions about their credit report or need something corrected on their report do not have the patience to be searching for phone numbers or jumping through several hoops in order to get that information. They want help and that’s all they need. Equifax will be wise to heed their need. There are other ways they can accomplish this, including the use of video conferencing and other tools that technology has allowed to grow and become affordable and simple to use. There are so many tools now available to help provide outstanding customer service that it’s quite surprising that some of the big companies are not taking advantage and are struggling with this issue. There is really no excuse anymore because everything you need can be automated to be able to not only react to customer support questions and concerns, but also to be proactive through social media monitoring and scanning, so you know at each point in time what is likely to blow up in your face as a company and what exactly you need to put in place to get ahead of it and address it before it mushrooms into something bigger than you are probably capable of reacting to.

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