Can small businesses afford video conference?

If you have worked for a large corporation, video conferencing facilities and tools tend to be everywhere. These days, conference rooms of the modern corporation are littered with state of the art conferencing equipment, including multipoint video conferencing tools that you can turn on and operate with a click of a button. If that is what you are used to, when you start working for a small business, the difference can be stark.

Small businesses are mostly concerned about affordability when they think about conferencing tool. They are still stuck on hardware and software that used to dominate this category that they entirely miss all the advancement in technology that has made video conferencing not only affordable but also very intuitive and easy to operate. Nowadays, all you need in some cases is a video enabled device that is connected to the internet and you are all set to host a video conference call.

This is primary due to the introduction of cloud based web video conferencing, which pretty much requires you to sign up for the Service – and as long as you have a video enabled device (like desktop or laptop -or even a phone or tablet) that is connected to the internet, you are ready to participate in a video conference or initiate one yourself.

Therefore, small businesses should welcome video conferencing because it is now not only affordable but convenient to use and operate. In addition, even multipoint call services can still he found at reasonable rates that can save time on travel expenses by allowing remote teams to collaborate via video conference calls.

Getting Eppicard Customer Service is Hard

Those who hold the Eppicard are getting really frustrated about how bad it is to be able to contact eppicard customer service and speak to a live person on the phone. If you don’t know what this card is, here is a brief description. The repaid debit card is issued by many states to pay eligible people for their unemployment benefit payments and also for child support. In some states, the card is used for both payment types. Why is it so hard to be able to get someone on the phone that can help you with issues that come up related to this prepaid debit card?

Part of the problem is that even though Eppicard child support card and unemployment cards are the responsibility of the states, the actually issuance and management of the card have been outsourced to a third party – a private company. And like most government functions that are outsourced to the private sector, sometimes oversight is very lose and that leads to poor service, especially customer service, which is the first to deteriorate once profit motives are put above the actual needs of the card holders and users. The only way this can be reversed is if people start to complain to their respective state agency, like in the state of florida, the department of Florida Department of Children and Families.